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Ekoe plastic free solution

Ekoe plastic free was founded as an environmental association in 2011 and became a cooperative in 2015, maintaining the same objective: help to decrease the use of plastic coming from oil.

The original core of the founders moved from the comfortable but citizen context of Ravenna, to the Abruzzo hills, attracted by the need to be in Nature, in love with a country house totally to be restored.

Starting again from zero but sure to make a change with a permacultural matrix.

We grew as time passed and Ekoe plastic free is now enriched with experiences and relationships that make us still a small cooperative, but able to cover not only the whole Italian nation, but also to work with any foreign country

We focus on the promotion and sale of compostable disposable products, such as plates, forks, glasses and much more that can be thrown away into the organic bin, by supplying our products to parties, festivals, events and the entire food sector involving organizations and people who care about our planet.

We can also offer personalization service with logos and dedicated messages, exclusively designed and printed on items.

Last May 2018 Ekoe appeared on the national and international press as collaborator for the creation of the first plastic free island in the world: the Tremiti islands.

Ekoe plastic free strongly supported this project to safeguard the marine protected area and working together with mayor Fentini, the result was an ordinance banning single use plastic products from the island, to be replaced with biodegradable products.

A decisive and significant position towards environmental pollution to protect sea, health and tourism.

Private citizens or institutions, if you may have the idea to follow this path but do not know where to start, contact us to trace together a path of sustainable tourism and spread a courageous message of respect and love for the environment.

This is one of the goals that makes us most proud but the collaborations we daily try to create are many and all definitely precious.

Networking with associations, organizations, companies, people outside of Italy that care about the environment is something we aspire to because we believe world is interconnected.

So any proposal not only of pure business, but also talking about ecological education, research on new materials and solutions, artistic performances with environmental message,

will be always carefully evaluated by us.

When the rapid turnaround of mass catering (not only temporary events but any type of ordinary canteen and refectory for school/hospital/company, gastronomy shops, and so on) and the hygienic and logistical needs make the choice of single use items necessary, Ekoe plastic free is the answer to mitigate the ecological impact. A joyful event risks to become a great source of pollution, but today a conscious choice is possible.

If once the difficulty was conditioned by separating the plastic waste from the organic one, today, thanks to the compostable and biodegradable products, the task is facilitated by throwing everything in the organic bin and paying the dued attention, it is possible to completely eliminate the undifferentiated waste.

This waste made of food and compostable packaging treated in industrial plants will become compost (fertilizer) within a few weeks.

One of our strength is our website containing the complete catalog of products.

We keep continuously updated with photos, detailed descriptions and prices for each item.

We are prepared to offer sale’s terms and conditions for ex-factory shipments or deliveries including costs until final destination, by truck, air and sea.

There are no minimum quantities for orders.

It is possible to request a sampling up to 10 pieces for testing, we will be happy to send you

or you can contact us via email laura@ekoe.org

or via phone and WhatsApp +39 331 3095348

We think that a conscious attitude, such as using of compostable disposable and detergents with low environmental impact, can deconditioning our automatic consumption and make a gesture in favour of Mother Earth.

Supporting distribution of food and drink to make them as sustainable as possible, for us is a passion and a reason for living, before being a job.

For this reason, whatever idea concerning the topic #plasticfree we’ll be the most welcome, always disposed to share our skills for a cleaner world and a more empathic relationship with our planet and all its inhabitants

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